Hillel of Metro Detroit!

 Hilllel of Metro Detroit is a dynamic organization for Jewish college students and young adults (18-29) who live in the metro Detroit area. HMD provides a myriad of programs so everyone can find a place where he/she belongs. HMD offers opportunities to connect with the Jewish community and other Jewish people through interactive programs, both on the six campuses we serve and in the community. HMD is here to help make transitions easier – whether from high school to college or college to the work force. We have it all and want you to be involved!!

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Looking for a Kosher place

to eat in Detroit?

Check out WSU's

Gold 'n' Greens!


On Campus



For more information about the Jewish Student Organization (JSO) contact Leah Lowenberg at leahalowenberg@gmail.com or Becca Fishman at hillelpd@wayne.edu


For more information about Warriors for Israel (SFI) contact Jessica Davydova at jdavidov96@yahoo.com or Or Furer at or.hmdetroit@gmail.com




For more information about Jewish Student Organization (JSO) contact Ellana Collins at ejcollin@umich.edu or Neil Cantor at neilcant@umich.edu





For more information about Jewish Students Organization (JSO) contact Dovid Roetter at dnroetter@oakland.edu or Becca Fishman at hillel@oakland.edu


For more information about Students for Israel (SFI) contact Ari Berlin at arberlin@oakland.edu or Or Furer at or.hmdetroit@gmail.com





For more information about the Jewish Student Organization (JSO) contact Menachem Roetter at roetter.menachem@student.oaklandcc.edu or Hannah Weiss at hillelpd@wayne.edu

Immersion Experiences


Birthright Israel

This trip is a gift from Birthright Israel

 For more information contact Or at or.hmdetroit@gmail.com

 or Neil at hilleled@wayne.edu 




Israel Programs  

5 months to 1 year

Get back to Israel

for an extended time. 

It's fun and it's cheap!


For more info or questions about

any of these immersion programs,

please contact Or Furer or Neil Cantor.



We’re all about helping young, talented professionals find the right fit here in Metro Detroit. Whether you’re looking for a summer internship or you’re ready to make a career move, we have the resources and connections to help get you there. The NEXTGen Connect internship program provides assistance with resume writing, career guidance, interview skills and networking opportunities for students who have completed their first year of undergraduate studies. Internships are available in a range of fields, from business to medicine, marketing to non-profit work. For more information, contact Lauren Kepes at lkepes@jvsdet.org or (248) 233-4243





5221 Gullen Mall | Student Center, Suite 667 | Wayne State University | Detroit, MI 48202

P: 313.577.3459  |  F: 313.577.3461  |  E: hillel@wayne.edu