Winnie the Pooh in Israel!

This is not a joke! I promise! 😉

I’m sure most of you has already been to Israel, explored the streets and markets, the beachs of the Mediterranean Sea and the beaches of the Dead Sea.

I’m sure you told all your friends and I’m also sure you posted pictures everywhere!

Well one childhood character decided to take you up on your suggestions and go visit Israel with some friends.

A new art show presents: “Winnie the Pooh in Israel”. The drawings were created for the “Little pleasures” are show in honor of the book’s 90 years’ celebration. And you can see it in the Beit Ariella art gallery starting February 26th.

Here are some of the pictures presented in the gallery.


Winnie and friend in the Dead Sea


Winnie celebrating Rosh Hashana


Winnie and friends shopping in Machne Yehudam Jerusalem


Winnie and friends picking oranges in the Kibbutz


Winnie and friends exploring Rothschild street in Tel Aviv

What other childhood character would you love to see traveling in Israel?

Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…