Walking through the Torah.

Planning a trip to Israel this winter? Have you already been and want to have a new or different experience?

Israel Nature and Parks Authority have created a few special hikes that you should consider.  The new series of hikes take tourists in the footsteps of the stories from the Torah. There are ten different tours, each of which has three different dates this winter (based on availability). The tours are free with  admission to the historical site.

Here are three examples of the different hikes available:

Tel Dan Reservation

In the reservation you can follow the story of the tribe of “Dan” migration from the south to the north, you will see the remnants of the Israeli Gate with the inscription of “House of David”. You can also see a previous gate from the Canaanite era, to which Abraham arrive chasing the five kings of the north.



Wildlife reserve Carmel

The reserve opened in 1973, with the initiative of the CEO of the Israel Nature and park authority during that time, to help endangered animal procreate without danger and then being sent back to their natural habitat. The norther reserve specializes in northern animal, while the southern reserve specializes in southern animal.



Tel Megido

We all know the verse “Her husband is known in the gates. When he sitteth among the elders of the land” that is song during Friday night when singing “Women of Valor”. This phrase comes to show just how important the city gates were in ancient times. Visiting this historical site takes us to the city gate of Megido and hear about the importance of the city gate and wall.


So, if you are traveling to Israel this December take a torah stories in Israel hile! Just go to the Israel Nature and Park Authority and sign up!


Until next time…