The ultimate guide for sufganyot

Ask any grown up or kid in Israel what they eat during Hanukkah and they’ll tell you without hesitation – “ Sufganyot!”

Sufganyot are  deep fried doughnuts that come in one shape and many sizes, filled with anything you can imagine. Everyone has his or her favorite and of course there are the people who only eat them when they are homemade.

Today I am bringing you the ultimate guide for Israeli sufganyot and where to get them (for you winter Israel trip of course)!

Mimi – a wonderful bakery in Hod Hasharon (short drive from Tel Aviv). They kept the classic strawberry filling and alongside it – chocolate ganache, caramel toffee and they even have a gluten free sufganya for those of you who prefer it.


The Showroom Bakehouse – this is the doughnut central of Tel Aviv, and while they make them all year round – they still managed to create some new flavors for Hanukkah such as the cotton candy sufganya – with a filling of strawberry mascarpone cream vanilla glaze and cotton candy on top, the Ice cream sufganya and even a tribute to the USA S’mores sufganya.


Tati – they have created a sufganya for everyone perfectly filled and assures that even if you share one sufganya (brave!) both sides will get the same amount of filling (those fights have been known to break friendships apart). Some of their special fillings include cheese filling, chocolate and marshmallow and dulce de leche.


Metuka – ever had savarin? If you haven’t – you should. If you have – step up to the next phase and have it in sufganya form – I promise you will not regret it. Metuka is an Israeli branch and their sufganyot is better then even the finest boutiques! Do yourself a favor and when you travel Tel Aviv around Hanukkah time – stop by and enjoy some of the best sufganyot in town.


These are only four of the many places around Israel that you can find unique and delicious sufganyot.

Now, I know you want to eat a sufganya so I took the liberty to add this “Jewlish” recipe for a sufganya in a bag – don’t forget to go crazy with the fillings!

Until next time