An Israeli University that is branching out!

A few weeks ago, I told you about the Israeli University that opened a campus in New York. Today, that same university opened a new campus in another country on the other side of the planet! In China!


The Technion, Israel’s version of MIT opened a campus in Guangdong Province in order to promote healthy collaborations between Israel, Hong Kong and China. The work on the campus started when philanthropist Lee Kah Shing approached the Technion to build a full branch of the Technion in Hong Kong.


Two years after their first meeting, the Hong Kong branch of the Technion opened its gates to 200 students who have already started in September. The million square foot campus has 13 buildings, 29 classrooms, 14 teaching labs and 55 research labs and is ready to have 3,000 students study on campus in the first decade.


The majors offered to students are Chemical Engineering, Bio-Technology,  Food Engineering and Material Engineering. Soon, advanced degrees in science and engineering will also be offered.


A degree from this campus will be acknowledged by the Israel Higher Education committee so if you ever want to study in Israel and Asia – this is your chance! 😊

Until next time…