Witnesses in Uniforms

International Holocaust Memorial Day is on January 27th, 2018. I wanted to take this opportunity and tell you a little bit about Holocaust remembrance in Israel, and especially about a unique journey to Poland.

Every year hundreds of high schools around Israel send delegations of students to visit Poland, tour the camps and synagogues and see everything they have learned about, first hand. The first Poland Journey left on April 4th, 1965, there was a brief stop to the journeys after the six-day war but delegations were sent again starting 1983.

The most unique Poland journey there is in Israel is probably the one called “Witnesses in Uniforms” it is a journey offered by the Israeli armed forces for their officers. There is something special in sending officers and commanders wearing the Israeli uniforms to where so many Jews have been murdered. Joining the delegations on some occasions are members of grieving families that lost family members in the service of the armed forces.

The following pictures will show the meaning of it far better than I ever could.







Until next time…