Israeli English Music

Israeli-English Music

This time I want to tell you a little bit about Israeli English music, yes, there is such a thing, and it is pretty good also.

Here is a short list of Israeli artist who perform in English:

  • Ester Rada


Born in Ethiopia to a religious Jewish family that immigrated to Israel, Ester Rada started her career as an actor and then released her first EP which gave her worldwide popularity after touring across Europe, the United States, and Canada. She recently performed at the Glastonbury Festival and was the opening act for the Alicia Keys’ concert in Israel.

The name of her first EP “Life Happens” is also the name of the song your about to hear, and one of my favorite!


  • Marina Maximilian Blumin


Born in the Soviet Union (now Ukrain), Blumin immigrated to Israel at the age of three with her family. Her musical education started from an early age, but she got her first exposure in the Israeli version of “American Idol”. Her musical style is very unique. You are welcome to judge for yourself!



  • Lola Marsh

 Lola Marsh is an indie pop duo that includes Gil Landau & Yael Shoshana Cohen. Lola Marsh’s music combines “deep, warm, nostalgic vocals, heart-on-the-sleeve-lyrics and enchanting guitar melodies”.

Between 2015 to 2018 the band performed in Europe and the US and at many festivals around the world.




 An 8 members funk and soul-grove band, performing in Israel and worldwide.

The band includes:

Shlomi Alon – saxsophone

Sefi Zisling – trumpet

Yair Slutzki – trombone

Amit Sagie – guitar

Alon Freeman – keyboards

Shacham “Chakamoon” Ohana – bass

Dan Mayo – drums

And the amazing Elran Dekel as the lead vocals


There funky music is irresistible!