“ASHES AND DUST”- Yehuda Poliker- International Holocaust Remembrance Day

A spring day the smell of lilac
Between the ruins of your city
A beautiful day to fish in the river
Inside me my heart is broken
There it was and it wasn’t
Your child is a small woman
People that no-one knows
There isn’t even a house that you’ll remember

And if you’re going, where are you going
Forever is just ashes and dust
Where are you going, where are you going
Years and nothing is erased…

Take a coat, it’ll be cold
Money in your pocket, sugar crystal
If the days are hard
Remember me sometimes
And if it’s a more desperate journey
To the hut, to the plot
On the path of the old city
No one will wait in the station…


Who will sweeten your nights
Who will listen to your crying
Who will stay by your side [while you are] on your way

Take a coat, it’ll be cold.