“ON THE STARTING LINE”- Friends Of Natasha

On the starting line before the race
in which you and I are supposed to run
in order to break
my and your record
which is not high or low
an average record that I don’t want
and you don’t want
we want (it) to be higher
to touch the sky

And I get confused and fall

The star gun (goes off), you open fast
and I’m behind you
I don’t give up
staying with the pace that you dictate
and the pace is fast, it overcomes all the time
neither of us is saving their energy
and it seems the finish line
is getting even more distant.

And I get confused and fall…

Last lap, I have difficulties breathing
I stop running, stop in the corner
and see as you make your dream
come true

And I get confused and fall…


THEY SAY THERE IS A LAND- S. Tcharnikovski

THEY SAY THERE IS A LAND- S. Tcharnikovski

They say: There is a land,
a land drenched with sun.
Wherefore is that land?
Where is that sun?
They say: There is a land,
its pillars are seven,
seven planets,
spiringing up on every hill.

Where is that land,
the stars of that hill?
Who shall guide our way,
tell me my path?

Already have we passed several
deserts and oceans.
Already have we traversed several,
our strengths are ending.

How is it we have gone astray?
That not yet have we been left alone?
That land of sun,
that one we have not found.

A land where shall come to pass
what every man had hoped for,
Everyone who enters,
had met with Akiva.

Peace to you, Akiva!
Peace to you, Rabbi!
Where are the saints?
Where is the Maccabee?

Answers him Akiva,
answers him the Rabbi:
All of Israel is sainted,
you are the Maccabee!


My First Memory


And my first memory with your beauty
does not sweep me,
I throw the guitar
and my father yells at me,
and my mother saying: “it’s my sinner”
and her taking me for a comforting trip
in the moonlight.
And my second memory,
your eyes do not sweep me,
I left home to the dangers of the time,
when I asked you
“will you be mine forever?”
you answerd:
“look to the moon
there’s (been) a human (on it).”
And after a year we rented a room
in front of the moon,
I began to play in a gloomy bar
on the metal workshop street.
And they screamed
“take down the shorty with the tuxedo”
And only one said:
“kid, kid, you shall yet
bring down the moon for them.”

It was such an era
that happiness came through anger,
we laughed about everything,
we burnt whatever went in our hands,
there was nothing left
but to embrace the trouble,
to say
“yesterday was good
and (so) it will be tomorrow too.”
yesterday was good,
yesterday was good
yesterday was good,
and (so) it will be tomorrow too.

It’s hard to concentrate,
for your beauty still haunts me,
it’s hard to say ‘pity’ or ‘maybe.’
Instead, I dance
and yell to the moon:
“get down.”
and I blame the world in my pain.
Sometimes I forget,
how I began in front of the moon,
when you forget yes, yes
poor you
there’s rain in the sky
no moon in the meantime,
and when it will come out,
we’l walk together until it disappears.

It was such an era…


“Man Lives Within Himself”- Shalom Hanoch

A man, lives within himself,
within himself he lives
Sometimes he is sad and bitter,
sometimes he sings
Sometimes he opens a door
to welcome someone he knows
But usually, within himself he lives

A man, lives within himself,
within himself he lives
In some bustling city or a in some village
Sometimes a storm passes by
and breaks his home
But usually,
a man is a stranger to himself

And you, oh, you.
It’s so good that you came over
Without you the house is empty
and the night is cold
I try to keep you with me as much as I can
will I find you here tomorrow?

A man is close to himself,
a man lives within himself



Taken from: http://www.hebrewsongs.com/?song=adambetochatzmo

Ani V’Ata-You and I- Aric Einstein

You and I, we’ll change the world

You and I, by the end all will follow

Others have said it before me

But It doesn’t matter

You and I, we’ll change the world.


You and I, we’ll try from the beginning

It will be tough for us,

It’s not too bad!

Others have said it before me

But it doesn’t matter


You and I, we’ll change the world.

You and I, we’ll change the world

You and I, by the end all will follow


Others have said it before me

But It doesn’t matter

You and I, we’ll change the world.



Jerusalem- The Ethiopian Church

Despite being a Tel Aviv person, I have a big love for the city of Jerusalem (as I’m sure most of you do also). One of the places which I find very special in Jerusalem is an Ethiopian church I found out about just a couple of years ago.

Located in Ethiopia street, you can find this little church, that in my opinion, combine a little bit from each of the three religions: at the entrance you’ll have to take off your shoes and the praying area is divided in separate sections for men and women. Once you go in, you’re surrounded by many colors and paintings.


I recommend that every person who visits Jerusalem, between the Western Wall to the market, find some time to visit this place, and maybe talk to some of the local people and hear their story.

My Favorite Israeli Artists

Israeli Art

Today I would like to tell you about two Israeli artists I really like.  They are both working in the field of graphic design and illustration, and have gained big success in Israel and worldwide.

Amit Shimoni  

An illustrator and designer, Shimoni graduated from Betzalel academy in Jerusalem. He created his Hipstory series- world’s leader re-imagined as hipsters. Shimoni’s work has been featured  in ‘The Guardian’, ‘Bored Panda’, ‘Vice’ magazine, Comedy Central and many more.


Yehuda Dvir

An illustrator and graphic designer. Some of his famous works are illustrations of funny moments in life with his relationship with his partner in a series called “One of those days”.




Israeli Music – My Favorite Band

Israeli Music #1- Cafe Shahor Hazak / Strong Black Coffee

This time I would like to talk about one of my favorite Israeli bands – Strong Black Coffee.


This hip-hop duo consists of two cousins – Uri Alamo and Ilak Sahalu. These two cousins were born in Ethiopia and immigrated to Israel as little kids.

They started to make music at the age of 16, and although they had a rough childhood, most of their songs do not focus on their struggles, they emphasis the optimistic side of life.

In July 2015, Chris Brown chose the duo to open his concert in Israel. That year they were also nominated for the 2015 MTV Europe Music Awards Best Israeli Act award.

The following song that I chose is one of their best known song, it’s called “Yihiye Beseder” meaning- “It’ll be okay”.

(and there is even a translation to English)


Israeli English Music

Israeli-English Music

This time I want to tell you a little bit about Israeli English music, yes, there is such a thing, and it is pretty good also.

Here is a short list of Israeli artist who perform in English:

  • Ester Rada


Born in Ethiopia to a religious Jewish family that immigrated to Israel, Ester Rada started her career as an actor and then released her first EP which gave her worldwide popularity after touring across Europe, the United States, and Canada. She recently performed at the Glastonbury Festival and was the opening act for the Alicia Keys’ concert in Israel.

The name of her first EP “Life Happens” is also the name of the song your about to hear, and one of my favorite!



  • Marina Maximilian Blumin


Born in the Soviet Union (now Ukrain), Blumin immigrated to Israel at the age of three with her family. Her musical education started from an early age, but she got her first exposure in the Israeli version of “American Idol”. Her musical style is very unique. You are welcome to judge for yourself!




  • Lola Marsh

 Lola Marsh is an indie pop duo that includes Gil Landau & Yael Shoshana Cohen. Lola Marsh’s music combines “deep, warm, nostalgic vocals, heart-on-the-sleeve-lyrics and enchanting guitar melodies”.

Between 2015 to 2018 the band performed in Europe and the US and at many festivals around the world.






 An 8 members funk and soul-grove band, performing in Israel and worldwide.

The band includes:

Shlomi Alon – saxsophone

Sefi Zisling – trumpet

Yair Slutzki – trombone

Amit Sagie – guitar

Alon Freeman – keyboards

Shacham “Chakamoon” Ohana – bass

Dan Mayo – drums

And the amazing Elran Dekel as the lead vocals


There funky music is irresistible!



Top 5 Israeli Movies

Top 5 Israeli movies

As a graduate of Cinema Studies (and Political Science) I feel the need to dedicate this blog to Israeli cinema.

To a large extent, the Israeli cinema reflect Israeli society, and the struggles the different groups in it are having.

Here are my five  recommendations for Israeli movies:


1 – Or (My Treasure) 

 Directed by Keren Yedaya, 2004.

A teenager named Or works a variety of odd jobs to help support herself and her mother, who just got out of hospital.

Or provides for herself and her mother by working in different kind of jobs while trying to keep her mom away from prostitution life, but eventually, she find herself in the same place.

The movie has won many awards in Israel and worldwide.


2 – Waltz with Bashir

Directed by Ari Folman, 2008.

Israeli animated war documentary film depicts Folman’s search of his lost memories of his experience as a soldier in the first Lebanon’s war at 1982.

Throughout the movie, Folman converses with friends and other soldiers who served in the war, only to discover that his lost memories about the massacre happened in the Palestinian refugee camp by the Lebanese Christian Phalange militia.

The movie have won many awards worldwide.



3 -Beaufort


 Directed by Joseph Cedar, 2007.

The film is about an IDF unit stationed at the isolated mountaintop of Beaufort post in Southern Lebanon during the South Lebanon conflict, before the Israeli withdrawal in 2000.

The movie depicts the daily routine of a group of soldiers, their feelings and their fears, and explores their moral dilemmas in the days preceding the withdrawal.

The filming of the movie was completed in June, just a month before the second war in Lebanon broke out. In many aspects, its symbolizes the endlessness of the war.


4 -People That Are Not Me


Written and directed by Hadas Ben Aroya, 2016.

The movie depicts the life of a young 25 years old girl, living in Tel Aviv, who can’t let go of her ex-boyfriend, and can not find intimacy or love.

Hadas Ben Aroya, the director of the movie is also the main star. This is her first feature movie.  People That Are Not Me took part in several festivals around the world and won the Gold Panda award.



5 – In Between


Directed by Maysaloun Hamoud, 2016.

The movie follow the life of three young Arabic women- Layla, Nour and Salma, renting an apartment in Tel Aviv.

Each of them is having their own struggle with the traditional community they come from, but also not feeling they belong to the Israeli-Tel Avivian society.