Student Interns

Sam Halpern

Sam Halpern – Applebaum Family Intern – Applebaum

Sam is a current sophomore at Oakland Community College. He attended AIPAC policy conference with HMD last year and it was the highlight of his freshman year. Sam was very active in BBYO, ​in high school as well as a staff member. He loves to play all sports specifically tennis, basketball, and spike ball.  Sam is excited to get to know all the HMD students and learn from them.

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Jessica Davidov

Jessica Davidov – Hasbara Fellow, Emerson Fellow and Applebaum Family Intern – Applebaum

Jessica is a senior at Wayne State university. She is the Students for Israel President and is currently studying Political Science and Near Eastern studies with a concentration in Hebrew. Jessica first came to Hillel her freshman year with the idea of starting a Challah for Hunger chapter. She loves meeting new people, so feel free to reach out.

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Hadley Holman

Hadley Holman – Applebaum Family Intern – Applebaum

Hadley Holman is a Junior at WSU majoring in Public Health. She is originally from Haslett, MI. This past summer Hadley went to Israel on Birthright Israel and had an incredible experience. Upon her return home she spent the rest of the summer working as a counselor at Camp Ramah in the Poconos. Hadley is very excited to be working as a HMD Applebaum Family Engagement intern. Feel feel free to email her to grab coffee!

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Daniel Homer

Daniel Homer – Applebaum Family Intern – Applebaum

Daniel Homer is a sophmore at WSU majoring in kinesiology. He is originally fom West Bloomfield, MI. Daniel loves living Midtown Detroit and exploring the city! He is a dual citizens of both America and Israel. The past few summers Daniel has worked as a counselor at Camp Tamarack. He is an active student on the WSU campus and a member of the Sigma Pi Fraternity. Daniel looks forward to meeting new students on campus and helping them find a home at HMD!

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Sunny Nayberg

Sunny Nayberg – Hasbara Fellow –

Sunny is a transfer junior at WSU majoring in Criminal Justice. She was born and raised in Israel and speaks Russian, Hebrew and English. Sunny loves to help others and loves to travel, she has been to 20 countries. She is excited to be a Hasbara fellow here at WSU!

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Rochie Rubin-A

Rochie Rubin – Israel Campus Coalition Grinspoon Fellow –

Rochie is a sophomore at WSU majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Management. She is originally from Oak Park, MI. Rochie is the WSU Vice President of Students for Israel. In December 2016 she traveled to Israel on the Detroit Community Birthright Israel trip and it was her favorite experience from her freshman year. She is excited to be working with ICC, SFI and HMD this year. Rochie is excited to meeting with new students!